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Why JHA?

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Do you need electronic collateral, but don’t have the in-house staff to develop it?

The thought of producing collateral strikes fear into the hearts of most mortals. You know the basic issue… how do we keep it from becoming obsolete before it is printed? Our world is changing so quickly that a brochure rapidly loses it’s relevance.

Today’s world is tending more and more toward electronic collateral. The most obvious example is a web site like this one. In a B2B environment, most of our customers have internet access and, in fact, prefer to get their information on-line. Most companies prefer this convenience of keeping their web site up to date versus facing continually escalating printing and distribution costs.

Further, the ability to tailor electronic media to a particular customer’s needs is very powerful. Imagine handing a customer a Compact Disc which contains a message especially made for them. They don’t have to wade through irrelevant material in order to glean the appropriate message.

JHA has produced crisp, effective web sites for technology-oriented businesses resulting in a faster time to market. We can produce a site in a couple of weeks after the content is provided versus the three month lead time for most printed collateral. The distribution is immediate and the message can be kept current with minimal effort. Let us help you.Are you contemplating a new market, but need more information on how to approach it and what priorities to consider?

In defining your new market, many questions pop up…Who are the potential customers? How many are there? Where are the potential customers located? How will they use the product? Will it be the same as your current customers? What lead time do they expect from order to delivery?

Although nobody knows your product better than you do, you still need to do your homework before committing time and money. JHA can help you structure the right questions to ask as well as getting answers to those questions.