Justin Harris Associates

Management Guidance for Technology Businesses

Services: How Customers Use JHA to Leverage their Organization

JHA offers “educated fresh eyes” to look at your business and your marketplace from an unbiased perspective. An operational view of the “market facing” elements of your business often identifies “low hanging fruit” that can be plucked to the advantage of your customers and, therefore, to the advantage of your company.

If you are an entrepreneur entering into the business establishment phase, JHA can advise you, act as a sounding board and guide your initial steps to speed your time to market.

Non-US companies have used JHA to evaluate US market potential for their products and to advise them on the elements to be considered and the order in which they should be implemented. JHA has a business network of professionals to resolve business issues around introducing a new company to the US market, from business structure, through legal, financial, intellectual property protection, marketing and distribution alternatives.

Enhancing speed to market, JHA has provided timely electronic media support in the form of web sites and digital video to ease the dissemination of information about the company and the company’s products. Our associates use appropriate methods for the scale of your company, your message and, of course, your budget.